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About Atlanta Daybook

Atlanta Daybook is a local Press Release Distribution Service.

Atlanta Daybook has been helping Atlanta organizations Get the Word Out locally about their news and events since 1990.

Atlanta companies and nonprofit organizations use the Daybook platform for low-cost, simple and ultra-efficient news, event and press release distribution – that target both the media in the city, and business professionals.

Engaging more local people with the stories about your news and events – Atlanta Daybook distributes your information online, through our opt-in email service, and through our Atlanta social channels:

If your story has national media coverage possibilities, you can also add-on a national distribution push which our Atlanta Daybook team will handle completely for you.

How do you Get Started?

    It’s Easy!
  • Become an Atlanta Daybook Contributor.
  • Choose the package that your type of news or event is best suited for.
  • Create your story campaign for a specific call-to-action goal.
  • Create your release within your Atlanta Daybook Control Panel.
  • Then Submit your press release into our system.
    Daybook Packages are available to meet these communication needs:
  • Our 5-story package - Ideal for News & Events with a 2 to 3-week lead time.
  • Our 15-story package - Ideal for News & Events with a 2 to 3-month lead time.
  • Our single story option is utilized for personnel announcements
  • Our 30-story package is utilized by organizations who want to maintain a branding presence over a longer range of time. The stories can be split into campaigns for specific events, and can be utilized to support a more strategic communications strategy.

Have questions about which package would work best for your needs? Give us a call at (770) 671-2013.

Our History

Founded in 1990 in Atlanta as the opt-in "What's Up Atlanta" news fax service, Atlanta Daybook quickly became a staple of the local press and professional communicators in metro Atlanta. After 15 successful years, we migrated to web and daily email distribution.

Today, Atlanta Daybook is a comprehensive online press syndication and social distribution service that creates more local engagement for all stories published through Atlanta Daybook.

Atlanta Daybook was selected by the Atlanta Convention & Visitors Center as the source for Atlanta news on the ATL Insider website. The ACVB named Atlanta Daybook as the top local news community in Atlanta.

Our Daybook community provides a daily convergence of local press, public relations and marketing professionals, and business/civic leaders - all in an easy, unique format.