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Release Date: 01.08.2013 | Location: All Metro Atlanta | Organization: The Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation

The Fledgling Fund Receives $50,000 Grant from The Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation

The Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation has awarded a one-year, $50,000 grant to The Fledgling Fund to support outreach and audience engagement activities for select film projects to advance knowledge and spur action around the Blank Foundation's program interests.

The goal is to identify and support film projects that tell compelling and important stories, represent a unique perspective or an intriguing solution to an entrenched social problem, and have strong potential as a vehicle for social change.  The Fledgling Fund develops clusters of documentary films around timely issues where film can play an important role in raising awareness, highlighting possible solutions, and when possible, engaging key audiences in measurable social change.  The Fledgling Fund supports films that deal with a range of issues including equality, democracy, the environment, economic justice, education, health system reform, human rights, our justice system, and women and girls.  Fledgling has supported awarding-winning films such as Bully and Saving Face.

Working at the intersection of film and social change, The Fledgling Fund provides financial and in-kind support to filmmakers, collaborating with other foundations and organizations in the field to make this work successful.  Fledgling supports films that bear witness to the challenges faced by vulnerable individuals, families, and communities in ways that statistics cannot, thereby creating a broader understanding of social problems to inspire concrete action. 

In 2012, Blank Foundation invested in the Fledgling Fund to support the local and national activation and communication plans for three documentaries Cafeteria Man, Inocente, and American Promise. 

“The Fledgling Fund is thrilled to continue our collaboration with the Blank Foundation,” said Diana Barrett, Fledgling’s president and founder.  “We believe that documentary film and story telling allow us to explore complicated issues and to engage new audiences and communities in action.  Working with the Blank Foundation provides terrific opportunities for our film projects as they work to advance change community by community.”

“Like the Blank Foundation, The Fledgling Fund believes in the power of artistic expression, and more specifically, storytelling to engage new audiences around critical issues that are important to our communities,” said Blank Foundation President Penelope McPhee.  “Documentary films engage our communities in a unique and passionate way.”

About The Fledgling Fund:
The Fledgling Fund is driven by the passionate belief that films can inspire a better world. We believe that films can raise awareness about key social issues, engage audiences, strengthen social movements and create change. We know that the power of documentary films often happens when the lights come up, people connect with the issues in new ways and are ready to become involved.  Fledgling makes grants that support outreach and audience engagement for compelling documentary films to move these audiences to action and help important stories take flight.

About The Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation:
The Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation promotes positive change in peoples’ lives, builds, and enhances the communities in which they live.  The Foundation seeks innovative solutions that enable young people, families, and communities to achieve results beyond what seems possible today.  Formed in 1995, the Foundation invests in early childhood development, education, green space, and the arts, and leads giving programs for each of the Blank Family of Businesses, including the Atlanta Falcons.

Contact Info

Contact Name: Donovan Lee-Sin

Company: The Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation

Phone: 404-367-2049