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Release Date: 05.13.2015 | Location: All Metro Atlanta | Organization:

Atlanta Proclamation Recognizes Civility Awareness Month for City

Atlanta City Council: Declares May Civility Awareness Month

Atlanta City Council President Ceasar C. Mitchell presented a proclamation in recognition and declaration of May 2015 as “Civility Awareness Month.” The proclamation was requested by Peggy M. Parks, AICI CIP, CPBS, President of The Parks Image Group, Inc. Her request follows a similar proclamation made by the Atlanta City Council in May 2011. The Civility Awareness Month was originally conceived by the Association of Image Consultants International (AICI).

“We have made leaps and bounds in terms of combating and changing ‘bullying’ behavior in Atlanta and across the country, but we have a good way to go,” says Peggy Parks, “This proclamation will raise awareness of the issues of bullying and civility in public and private life for companies, executives, employees, individuals and visitors to Atlanta – and remind them of our leadership on such progressive issues.”

The Proclamation reads:

“The city of Atlanta hereby declares May 2015 as Civility Awareness Month to celebrate the spirit of Civility among all peoples regardless of race, creed, color or station in life. Let us celebrate Civility by treating each other in our schools, communities, businesses, families and places of worship with Respect, Restraint and Responsibility, the three “R” principles of Civility as defined by Dr. P.M. Forni, co-founder of the Johns Hopkins University Civility Project and internationally renowned Civility expert; and

Acts of incivility have become prevalent in today’s complex, competitive society and affect the quality of life for all who live and work in and visit our city; and

Life is all about relationships and the quality of our lives depends on our ability to relate and connect with each other and everyone is a winner when we trust each other in the best way we know how and urge them to do the same. Our city and nation are stronger and our global image more elevated as a result; and

[The Parks Image Group, Inc. (TPIG)] has been inspired by Dr. Forni to increase public awareness about Civility by launching the Civility Counts Project globally, and the city of Atlanta is proud to be included in this initiative: during the month of May in our city, let every man, woman and child practice to embrace Civility by being attentive, considerate, kind, giving, polite and thoughtful and following the three “R” principles of Respect, Restraint, and Responsibility in all their interactions with each other;

Now Therefore Be It Resolved that, We, the members of the Atlanta City Council and on behalf of the citizens of Atlanta hereby proclaim the month of May 2015 as Civility Awareness month throughout the city and encourage all citizens to Embrace civility and practice it in their daily lives, today and every day...”


The Parks Image Group, Inc. serves companies, their leadership and individual staff in Atlanta and across the nation on civility, branding and image. Led by Peggy M. Parks, known as ‘the Ambassador of Corporate Civility,’ the organization provides training and coaching that builds corporate credibility and staff confidence; and ensures employees at every level represent the corporate brand and message, both internally and when they interact with the public. The Parks Image Group can be found online at or can be reached at 404-266-3858.

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