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Release Date: 10.19.2016 | Location: All Metro Atlanta | Organization: CEO Netweavers

Atlanta CEOs: Apply For Free Mentorship Coaching Program with a Team of Top CEOs

Every CEO experiences turning points in their company’s business trajectory. The decisions a CEO makes at these inflection points are crucial to the ultimate outcome.

A group of local experienced CEOs and Trusted Advisors came together 10 years ago to create CEO Netweavers (CEON), a trusted community that supports and guides CEOs through all phases of their careers. The organization’s core value: To Transform Business and to Enrich Lives Through Servant Leadership.

As the organization approaches its 10 year anniversary in October, these CEO Netweavers now represent every business sector and industry including technology, banking, broadcast media, marketing, wealth management, executive search, manufacturing and healthcare.

Each of the CEO Netweavers members gain strength and encouragement from each other. So it was natural that they joined together to create a program that offers other CEOs and Trusted Advisors the opportunity to utilize the group’s collective experience.

The CEO Inflection Point (CEO-IP) is one of the free programs for local businesses where CEON members volunteer their time and experience because of their commitment to servant leadership. CEON funds this and other outreach programs through its membership and sponsorship fees, which ensure that the CEON mission is sustainable well into the future.

CEOs apply to be chosen for this free coaching program, where they will meet with a dream team of CEO and Trusted Advisors guides, who all have successful track records in building companies themselves. To date, almost fifty companies have participated in the program and, without exception, their positive responses demonstrate the value of the program to the business community.

The CEO-IP coaching program offers a structured, interactive environment in which a single business leader meets regularly for a defined period of time with his or her CEON advisory panel members. During these sessions, the advisors listen to their fellow business peer, and as the sessions progress - they are able to direct the CEO toward an actionable plan to avoid missteps, and to guide them toward strategic decisions that will help grow their company.

Would you like more information on how to apply to the program?  
Contact Pat Hurston, Executive Director of CEO Netweavers.


Here’s what past CEO-IP Mentees Had to Say:

“The CEO-IP process provided the intellectual capital that was required to help my company overcome the obstacles.”
- Patrick Whaley, CEO & Founder of TITIN

“The CEO Netweavers Inflection Point process helped us achieve laser focus on what we needed to do to successfully manage a business that will have grown from $2.5 million in business to $10 million.”
- Kelly Kierans, Co-Owner of Celtic Testing Experts

“The CEO-IP advisory team respected my professional background, but gave me practical advice that I could use. They parsed my corporate priorities into relevant, easily managed components.”
- Tom Rhoads, CEO and Founder of Hap Innovations

“Our CEO-IP advisors showed us very clearly how we had defined ourselves too narrowly. They brought clarity to our value proposition. After guiding us on a redesign of our marketing materials, we have achieved a stronger base of customers in a more diverse group of business sectors."
- Jonathan Pine, CEO and President of Renova Technology

"The Inflection Point process helped us to clarify our growth priorities. Their amazing team of advisors helped us develop a list of options, and then helped us prioritize those options."
- Brent Wierson, CEO of White Sunrise

About CEO Netweavers
A trusted community that supports and guides CEOs through all phases of their careers. The organization’s core value: To Transform Business and to Enrich Lives Through Servant Leadership. Members are an engaged and diverse community of current and former CEO’s and a select group of trusted advisors committed to freely sharing their relationships, knowledge and skills while cultivating relationships.

The Atlanta CEO Netweavers organization offers several outreach programs that help local businesses grow and expand. Find out more at

Contact Info

Contact Name: Pat Hurston, Executive Director

Company: CEO Netweavers