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Release Date: 05.25.2017 | Location: All Metro Atlanta | Organization: WYAY News Radio 106.7

"4 Questions Journalist Spotlight" with WYAY Radio/106.7's Andrew Nelson

Leff's Atlanta Media's Weekly Feature Conversation with an Atlanta Journalist

Each week, in partnership with Leff’s Atlanta Media (, Atlanta Daybook presents our "Journalist Spotlight." Mitch Leff offers a conversation with a journalist in the Atlanta market, asking them four questions that'll help you learn more about local Atlanta media. What makes them tick? What's new at their media outlet? What drives them?

This week we’re talking with newsman Andrew Nelson of WYAY. In addition to writing and/or editing most of the local news content for The Morning News with Rob Stadler, he’s also the primary fill-in host. He’s a founding member of WYAY’s news staff; he was there the day after Memorial Day in 2012 when the station signed on as All News 106.7.

Says Nelson, “Nearly all of my newsroom experience has been with this station. Prior to that, I worked in the promotions department WSB Radio Group, and I spent the first six years of my career doing music radio in Columbus and Newnan. Name any station in Columbus in the early 2000s, and I either worked there, or worked down the hall from it.”

What kind of story makes you proud to be a journalist?
The I-85 collapse gave radio journalists several unique opportunities to connect with our listeners. It's a story we're not finished with yet. While the overpass was on fire, we painted the picture for the people who couldn't get to a TV to see it. Then we had several weeks with our captive audience of listeners stuck in the commute from hell. They needed us more than ever, for constant traffic updates... and they were as antsy as we were for information on when the interstate would re-open. We will be revisiting the story for years to come. The Snow Jam of 2014 is an afterthought in comparison.

What's new and different about what you're doing at the station?
We've retooled The Morning News to be more fast-paced and local, focused on the key stories that grab your attention. Then Shannon Burke, with Kara and Brett, let our listeners vent about it all. The Kimmer is always going to be The Kimmer. His show is built to make you laugh no matter what the news of the day is.

What is the best and worst thing about your job? 
The best thing about working at WYAY is being able to leave at 5 a.m. and immediately hear the payoff of a night full of cranking out news, or getting off the air at 9 a.m. with the satisfaction that we hit our marks, and any behind-the-scenes turmoil is not coming out of the speakers. The worst thing about the job is the hours ... your body never gets used to getting to work at 10 p.m. or 1 a.m.

What’s the coolest thing people should know about you?
One of the first things I learned as a radio DJ in Columbus, Georgia, is that if you try to be cool, you'll fail. Being on the radio automatically makes you cool. I've been doing radio since I was 17, and I've never been recognized in public. I'm just an anonymous wedding DJ on most Saturdays. The bride is the center of attention. It is cool to have Chuck Roberts as a colleague. For someone who spent almost three decades at Headline News, you'd think he'd be Ron Burgundy. He's the total opposite.

About Andrew:

  • Last Book Read: I love non-fiction audiobooks. The last one I finished is the second half of a two-part book called The Fifty Year Mission. It's an oral history of Star Trek, from The Next Generation to the new films. I haven't started the first half yet. Charlie Wilson's War is an all-time favorite.
  • Favorite Atlanta Restaurant: Figo Pasta and Mellow Mushroom Pizza Bakers are my restaurants of choice. The Figo on Collier Road has been my go-to place since I moved here.
  • Favorite Guilty Pleasure: I am a cat person. I have Princess Zelda the Tuxedo Cat, and I will always stop to pet a kitty who wants attention. I haven't been to Atlanta's new cat café ... yet.
  • Local Getaway: Callaway Gardens is one of my happy places. Living in the City makes me crave the tranquility. If I can't make the trip to Pine Mountain, I go to the Beltline and walk.
  • Favorite Non-Work Hobby: My hobbies are family and sight-seeing. I love walking. I'm blessed to live close to both of my parents, and my older brother. My younger brother is a flight attendant. I get to see him on odd layovers, and we do our best to take advantage of the airline benefits to get ourselves to Europe as a family once a year.
  • Twitter: Twitter/Facebook @AnchormAndrew


Mitch Leff is the president of Leff & Associates Public Relations (, an Atlanta-based PR agency. Leff also operates Leff’s Atlanta Media ( an online database with contact info for thousands of Atlanta-based journalists, and Mitch’s Media Match (, a service that connects Atlanta journalists with local experts and sources. Contact him at, (404) 861-4769, on Twitter (@mitchleffPR), or on Facebook at Leff & Associates.

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Contact Name: Mitch Leff

Company: Leff & Associates Public Relations

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