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Release Date: 08.03.2017 | Location: All Metro Atlanta | Organization: ART PAPERS

"4 Questions Journalist Spotlight" with Victoria Camblin, Artistic Director of ART PAPERS

Leff's Atlanta Media's Weekly Feature Conversation with an Atlanta Journalist

Each week, in partnership with Leff’s Atlanta Media (, Atlanta Daybook presents our "Journalist Spotlight." Mitch Leff offers a conversation with a journalist in the Atlanta market, asking them four questions that'll help you learn more about local Atlanta media. What makes them tick? What's new at their media outlet? What drives them? 

This week we’re talking with Victoria Camblin, Editor and Artistic Director of ART PAPERS, an Atlanta-based contemporary art criticism outlet with international readership. A San Francisco native, Camblin joined the outlet in 2013 and has been overseeing a major new editorial strategy, reducing the print issues from six a year to four larger issues, and redesigning the website to support more dynamic editorial content and website-specific artist commissions.

What kind of story makes you proud to be a journalist?
Stories that give a platform to voices that would not otherwise be heard.

What's new and different about what you're doing at the magazine?
The most dramatic change recently has been our move from publishing six times a year - for 40 years - to publishing on a quarterly basis. The idea there was not to do less, but instead to do a thicker, more beautiful magazine that people really want to keep on their shelves.

Now we're doing bigger, better print issues, while we work on building a completely new website, scheduled to launch this fall. So we'll be adding sound and video content to our repertoire, giving artists and writers a space to experiment digitally. It's about taking full advantage of all the mediums available to us as publishers of art and culture.

We've also brought on guest designers and guest editors to collaborate on special issues or feature sections devoted to architecture, design, urban planning, and other topics. It keeps the voice and the look of the magazine fresh and expands our purview and our audience with each issue. 

What is the best and worst thing about your job?
Once a young art student who had never been published before came to me with a brilliant project. I agreed to print it, and asked him why he had approached ART PAPERS. He said it was because he had heard that I was the only arts editor who would give him the time of day! I'm proud of that freedom and openness, and I think it's essential to the spirit of ART PAPERS: we are a small non-profit organization, so we can be fiercely independent; we can take risks, and we can experiment.

We don't have to stay within traditional boundaries or think about advertising quotas. Editing a visual art magazine means you can talk about anything, because artists are talking about everything — social justice, geopolitics, public health, global warming. So I can write to a poet, a musician, a city planner, or a community leader and say, let's put you in the magazine; let's have a conversation.

It makes for some incredible dialogue, and it can be very exciting! Of course the flip side of that freedom is that you're always looking for stories about visual culture, wherever you are — so there are no breaks. I can't go to the movies or see an ad on a bus without thinking, is that a pattern or a cultural phenomenon we should write about? 

What’s the coolest thing people should know about you?
People always seem amused when I tell them about my father's stint as a circus performer.

About Victoria:

  • Last Book Read: I just started Octavia Butler's "Kindred." We feature selections from Butler's archival papers in the latest issue of ART PAPERS — motivational notes that reveal her strong, ambitious character — so I'm ready to delve into the work that put her on the map as an author.
  • Favorite Atlanta Restaurant: My local, El Mexicano, Moreland Avenue's answer to California-style Mexican; Gaja in East Atlanta for slick Korean; Sotto Sotto for classic Italian or a chic glass of wine at the bar after work; 8 arm for impromptu gatherings with your friends from the food- and art-worlds; Mediterranea in Grant Park for bright fare and rooftop rosé.
  • Favorite Guilty Pleasure: Eating at all these restaurants! And Law & Order on Netflix.
  • Local Getaway: My back patio in Southeast Atlanta, with a pot of tea and Sunday's New York Times.
  • Favorite Non-Work Hobby: I walk, do yoga, and swim when I can. I love traveling, and I do this for work as well as for pleasure. I don't just mean going to new places or visiting friends in other cities — I mean that actually being on a plane is a joy for me. There's space up there to think and to dream.
  • Twitter: @vcamblin @artpapers

Mitch Leff is the president of Leff & Associates Public Relations (, an Atlanta-based PR agency. Leff also operates Leff’s Atlanta Media ( an online database with contact info for thousands of Atlanta-based journalists, and Mitch’s Media Match (, a service that connects Atlanta journalists with local experts and sources. Contact him at, (404) 861-4769, on Twitter (@mitchleffPR), or on Facebook at Leff & Associates.

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