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Release Date: 08.09.2017 | Location: All Metro Atlanta | Organization: 21st Atlanta Tattoo Expo

Tony Olivas to host seminar on the approach to black & gray tattoos

Tony Olivas, owner of Sacred Heart Tattoo, is hosting an educational seminar for aspiring and seasoned tattooists to learn new techniques, and to enhance their talents. Unlike boring lectures, one lucky person in the group of attendees will be randomly selected to receive a tattoo worth up to $500 ($200 entry fee for 2 hour seminar).

Tony has been Tattooing since 1979 and has achieved over 100 world titles. His work has been in every major tattoo magazine throughout the world, with one of his tattoos on display in the New York Museum of Natural History. 

He came a long way from a 15 years old living in the South Side of Tucson, Arizona tattooing with a needle and thread to poke the skin; to making his first rotary tattoo machine using a tape recorder motor, a toothbrush for the handle, a ballpoint pen, and guitar string for the needle – to owning his own tattoo studios for 23 years, and gaining the respect of his peers.   

The road was filled with adversity, ups and down, but through it all he remains true to the art form, 

“The advice I offer to aspiring artists, and those that have made their mark, is no matter the circumstances, stay humble. Someone will always come along to prove you need to keep putting in the work to better yourself” (Tony Olivas).

The tattoo industry has been an amazing journey affording him the opportunity to travel the world to places like Spain, Australia, Vienna, Austria, Germany, Sweden, Holland, Panama City, Panama, Ottawa, Canada, Mexico City, and throughout the United States doing what he loves the most... tattooing... 

Book your place in tattoo history now. 

Contact Info

Contact Name: Miguel Olivas

Company: Olivas Rocks

Phone: (520) 261-7432

Cell: (480) 313-7793