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Release Date: 08.10.2017 | Location: All Metro Atlanta | Organization: Patch

"4 Questions Journalist Spotlight" with Doug Gross of Patch

Leff's Atlanta Media's Weekly Feature Conversation with an Atlanta Journalist

Each week, in partnership with Leff’s Atlanta Media (, Atlanta Daybook presents our "Journalist Spotlight." Mitch Leff offers a conversation with a journalist in the Atlanta market, asking them four questions that'll help you learn more about local Atlanta media. What makes them tick? What's new at their media outlet? What drives them?

This week we're talking with editor Doug Gross of the hyperlocal A veteran of Atlanta media, Doug has worn a variety of hats across his career, including covering consumer technology for AP, hosting a game show at DragonCon, and working as a tech podcast host for CNN Radio. We checked in with him on the state of the hyperlocal. 

Patch operates about 50 sites across metro Atlanta, from Acworth to Woodstock and many points in between.

What kind of story makes you proud to be a journalist?
I like stories that help people understand the world around them a little better than they did before they started reading. If it happens to make them a more informed citizen, helps them avoid scams or other abuses or in some way gives them the tools to lead a better life, all the better.

What’s new and different about what you’re doing at Patch?
Patch takes the concept of hyper-local journalism very seriously. In an era when consumers are, sadly, turning away from their local papers, it's desperately important to get local news in front of them, and Patch has hit on a model that does that while remaining viable and growing at the same time.

What is the best and worst thing about your job?
The best thing about my job is the feedback I get from readers when one of my stories has had an impact -- although some folks might argue that in Atlanta my commute (from the bedroom to my computer desk) is the real highlight. That commute can be the job's biggest downside too, though. For all the insanity of newsroom life, I sometimes miss being right in the middle of it.

What’s the coolest thing people should know about you?
Hmm .... is anything about me cool? I was a college radio DJ and once played bass guitar in a noisy rock band. Does that count? 

About Doug:

  • Last Book Read: "Norse Mythology," by Neil Gaiman
  • Favorite Atlanta Restaurant: The Iberian Pig in Decatur
  • Favorite Guilty Pleasure: Meatloaf (the musician) or Waffle House (the restaurant)
  • Local Getaway: Clyde Shepherd Nature Preserve
  • Favorite Non-Work Hobby: Tabletop gaming
  • Twitter: @doug_gross

Mitch Leff is the president of Leff & Associates Public Relations (, an Atlanta-based PR agency. Leff also operates Leff’s Atlanta Media ( an online database with contact info for thousands of Atlanta-based journalists, and Mitch’s Media Match (, a service that connects Atlanta journalists with local experts and sources. Contact him at, (404) 861-4769, on Twitter (@mitchleffPR), or on Facebook at Leff & Associates.

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Contact Name: Mitch Leff

Company: Leff & Associates Public Relations

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