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Release Date: 03.15.2019 | Location: All Metro Atlanta | Organization: Atlanta Daybook

Karla Sinclair Rejoins Atlanta Daybook as Managing Director

Marketing and creative solutions leader, Karla Sinclair, will be working with Daybook customers once again to assist them in utilizing Atlanta Daybook products and services to strengthen their communications strategies and reach a wider audience.

A creative services leader, Karla Sinclair, has joined Atlanta Daybook as Managing Director. The move is a return to her passion of assisting nonprofit organizations in strengthening their communication strategies.

"I am thrilled to be working with Atlanta Daybook again. My interaction and relationships with Atlanta’s media, public relations, and marketing communities were a key part of making my time at Atlanta Daybook something I have certainly missed. In my last tenure with Daybook, I thoroughly enjoyed working closely with nonprofits to help them get a bigger share of the media's attention that they truly deserved. I plan to continue that now," Sinclair said.

"And I am excited about renewing relationships and starting new ones with the independent and corporate PR and marketing professionals who use Atlanta Daybook and the members of the media who read Daybook each day. Working with all of them through Daybook was always a pleasure. I saw how the community of our Daybook clients and readers together could make some great things happen, right here in Atlanta and Georgia, and, in some cases, nationally. I look forward to this opportunity to be part of that again," Sinclair added.

Karla's decision to rejoin Atlanta Daybook could not have come at a better time for Daybook owner, and now Chair of the Daybook board of directors, Malenka Warner. She was looking for a creative communications professional who also understood the specific needs and challenges of both nonprofit and corporate organizations, and Karla is that person.

"Karla's ability to understand client needs was always one of the distinguishing factors of her past success in managing Atlanta Daybook," says Malenka. "We're just so happy that after having gained more experience in the corporate and small business communications landscape, she has ultimately decided to come back to Atlanta Daybook. This is a decision which we know our many Daybook clients who always ask about her, will celebrate," Warner continued.

Sinclair brings a wide variety of industry experience to her new role. She has worked as an independent consultant for several years with a roster of private clients ranging from law firms, doctors, boutique consulting firms, recording studios and more, helping them leverage their communications strategies, social media presence, advertising and inbound marketing automation for greater brand awareness and increased sales.

Karla Sinclair can be reached at or 770-671-0213.

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Contact Info

Contact Name: Karla Sinclair

Company: Atlanta Daybook

Phone: 770.671.0213